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Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro
Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro
11 078 Ft

Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro

Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro
Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro
Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro
Bewood Traveler Merbau wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro
Compatibility - device manufacturer
Compatibility - device model
iPhone 15 Pro
Gyártói cikkszám
Raktáron, 2-4 napon belül szállítható
11 078 Ft

Wooden case for iPhone 15 Pro Bewood | Traveler

The Bewood case for iPhone 15 Pro with a wind rose motif is a perfect solution for lovers of travel, mystery and hiking. Inspired by the delicate dance of wind roses, this unique case will not only protect your phone, but also pay tribute to your fascination with the beauty of nature and the magic of transience. Made of the highest quality wood, the case refers to the harmony that nature offers, while at the same time emphasizing your unique aesthetics and lifestyle. Perfectly matched to iPhone 15 Pro, it provides full protection against damage while maintaining its elegance. The durable construction of the case guarantees long-term use, while not restricting access to all ports and functions of the phone. The Bewood case with a wind rose motif becomes not only a practical accessory, but also an expression of your passion for the secrets of nature and the symbol of transience. It harmonizes with your passion for discovering new places, the unknown and the elusive. Let every touch of your phone remind you that life is beautiful, full of challenges, but also fleeting like the delicate dance of wind roses.


  • Brand: Bewood
  • Compatibility: iPhone 15 Pro
  • Material: Wood; Base: Silicone
  • Brown color

The most important advantages of the Bewood case for iPhone 15 Pro

  • Protects your phone with style.
  • Supports wireless charging in MagSafe and Qi technologies
  • Provides full comfort of use. The Bewood case does not interfere with contactless payments and also allows you to use the front protective glass
  • Maximum protection for your phone. Flexible TPU silicone wraps around the sides on four sides, absorbing devices, while being lightweight and thin
  • Gives easy access to the charging port, buttons and sockets. The case is precisely tailored to the shape of the phone, and the embossing on the buttons is carefully made


One of the interesting facts about travel enthusiasts is the constant striving to overcome their own limitations. This is a group of people who value challenges, adventure and unique experiences. The Bewood iPhone z case is a perfect complement for people who want to surround themselves with inspiring images of nature even in everyday life.

Each Bewood case is unique.

Not only the aesthetics of the Bewood iPhone case delights, but also its extraordinary protective advantages. Solid workmanship and precise adjustment to the phone model provide full protection against scratches, impacts and dust. Additionally, wood, as a natural material, has shock-absorbing properties, which additionally protects your iPhone from damage in the event of a fall.

Bewood case for your iPhone 15 Pro.

Another great advantage of the Bewood case for iPhone 15 Pro is its comfort of use. Thanks to its ergonomic design and precise finish, the case fits perfectly in the hand, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip. Plus, all of the phone's ports and features are easily accessible, so you don't have to sacrifice any of your iPhone's capabilities. By choosing a Bewood case, you can be sure that your iPhone is not only stylishly protected, but also surrounded by travel inspiration that accompanies you at all times.

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