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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - 3mk Mag Case
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - 3mk Mag Case
9 045 Ft

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - 3mk Mag Case

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - 3mk Mag Case
3mk Protection
3mk Protection
Compatibility - device manufacturer
Compatibility - device model
iPhone 15 Pro Max
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9 045 Ft

Mag Case

Attractive with Convenience

Charge without limits – compatible with the MagSafe system

Maximum strength - Absorber 175, protects in every situation

Press effortlessly - EasyClick Buttons Technology

Charge without limits

Does your iPhone charge wirelessly? Then our Mag Case is the basis for you to freely use the modern technological solutions of your phone. The case is made of high-quality, very flexible materials and equipped with magnets so that it adheres perfectly to the iPhone case. Thanks to this, you can charge your phone very quickly without removing the protective case. Simply charge inductively without limits!

Protect as much as possible

To save iPhone users the stress and expense of repairs, we have created a case that reliably protects the phone against damage. Reinforced corners absorb the impact of the phone hitting a hard surface, preventing dents in the housing. We confirmed this in rigorous Absorber175 tests - the iPhone hit concrete 26 times from a height of 175 cm. Result? Zero damage. With Mag Case you protect your phone to the maximum.

Press effortlessly

Nothing is more irritating than a case that does not fit properly and impairs the operation of the phone's buttons. This problem does not exist with Mag Case, because our case is like a tailor-made suit. The high elasticity of the material means that the case perfectly covers the iPhone, providing it with full functionality and strong protection. The Mag Case is so soft that you almost don't feel it when you use the buttons. Comfort of use worthy of an iPhone!

Enjoy the design

iPhone attracts attention with its design. We know how important it is that the case does not spoil the original appearance of the phone. With Mag Case, your iPhone looks as it always has - elegant and timeless. The case is thin and fully transparent, so it covers the phone without interfering with its design. Additionally, the anti-yellowing coating guarantees that the case will not turn yellow, remaining completely transparent. Solid protection in a discreet form - that's what the Mag Case is.

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Additional features
Compatibility with MagSafe
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