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Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Silicone Case
Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Silicone Case
6 698 Ft

Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Silicone Case

Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Silicone Case
3mk Protection
3mk Protection
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Compatibility - device model
iPhone 15 Pro
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6 698 Ft

Silicone Case

It wraps you in safety.

Really protects

Protective parameters and durability confirmed in Absorber200™ tests.

Top quality silicone

Hydrophobic and hypoallergenic, yet smooth and easy to clean.

Secure feeling in the hand

Premium safe grip and high coefficient of friction.

Full durability and protection

Silicone Case is a case that really protects your smartphone against falls and damage. Thanks to the use of silicone as the actual material and professional Absorber200™ tests (26 falls from a height of 200 cm onto a concrete base - zero damage to the smartphone), Silicone Case is the best choice if you want to optimally protect your smartphone. One of the main features of the silicone from which the Silicone Case is made is the safe feeling of the case in the hand, thanks to the high coefficient of friction. Be sure that your smartphone will not slip out of your hand!

The highest aesthetic values

Safe, durable, but also pretty! This is what Silicone Case is like. The silicone from which the case is made is delicate and smooth, and the inside of the case is covered with microfiber. The precision of workmanship and attention to every detail means that once you touch the Silicone Case, you will not replace it with any other case. Feel that this case is truly yours - designed to suit your needs and made just for you! The highest quality silicone is neutral to the skin, which guarantees its full hypoallergenicity. With Silicone Case you can feel not only special, but also confident and safe!

Always clean

Most cases become deformed, change color and scratch after a short period of use. Silicone Case is different, thanks to its proven anti-adhesive properties, which prevent dust and dirt from sticking to its surface, and you can remove any stains with just one hand movement. The silicone material from which Silicone Case is made is also hydrophobic - thanks to innovative manufacturing technology, it repels water molecules, keeping the surface clean and preventing its destruction. Silicone Case is a top-shelf case and the best choice for those who value the highest quality of the product.

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