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Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Armor Case
Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Armor Case
3 558 Ft

Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Armor Case

Apple iPhone 15 Pro - 3mk Armor Case
3mk Protection
3mk Protection
Compatibility - device manufacturer
Compatibility - device model
iPhone 15 Pro
Gyártói cikkszám
Raktáron, 2-4 napon belül szállítható
3 558 Ft

Discover the new, tested impact-absorbing cases.

Strengthens the grip and absorbs impacts.

Resistance class Absorber175.

After 26 drops of the new phone with a case from a height of 175 cm, no dents, cracks or scratches were found. See the video

Tests based on the Absorber standard were performed at the Finnish research center Grant4Com, confirmed by a test report.

Military Grade.

The case has passed rigorous tests in accordance with the Military Grade standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.7).

High Grip Waves

The structure of the case improves the grip of the phone.

Reinforced corner protection.

The Armor Case also has reinforcement on the corners to provide even better protection in the event of a fall.

EasyClick Buttons.

The case protects the protruding buttons and does not affect their sensitivity.

RoHS certificate.

It confirms that the product does not contain heavy metals and complies with EU directives.

It is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

It is a guarantee of safety for human health.

Dominant color
3mk Armor Case(331)-0